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Roger Otermat


I live 5 miles outside Fremont, Ohio. I remember my father having a Massey 101 Senior when I was in first grade, 1950. Of coarse I thought it was the greatest machine on four wheels. We used it year around. In the winter we ground feed and hauled manure.

In the summer it did everything. First we plowed, then fitted the ground, planted and cultivated the crops. In the fall it operated the Clipper combine and a corn picker. I owed several Massey's starting in 1961.

In 1999 a friend of mime asked me to go to a farm sale. He was a Massey collector. At the sale was a Massey 444. I looked it over. It needed some work and decided I could restore it. Now I have 13 old Massey's from a 101 Junior to a MF 1135. I bale about 20,000 small square bales of hay and straw every summer using all of these antique tractors.

I joined The MCA in 2001. I also belong to several state Massey clubs. I enjoy traveling to Massey shows. I like talking to other collectors about their antique tractors. Many have a strong passion for their equipment and have some great stories to tell.

Old Massey's do collect the nicest people!