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MasseyH - (12/12/2012 11:42:07 PM)
George Smyth Auction
Here is the sale bill for Georges Auction.  Looks to be good!!  I understand pics will be available soon!!



Of Massey Harris, Massey Ferguson and
Ferguson Tractors, Implements & Equipment
To be held for
Lucknow line (County Rd 1) 95 Southampton St.
in the Village of Dungannon, Ontario
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, "2013" at 9:30 A.M.
MASSEY HARRIS TRACTORS: GP 4 wheel drive-1930; Pacemaker-Green-1937; Pacemaker-Red-1938.
(1940-1950): 20 Standard; 82 Row Crop; 101 Jr. Row Crop; 102 Jr. Standard on steel; 101 Super; 201 Super Twin Power; 81 Standard with sprayer. (1950-1960): Pony with 1941 Hwy. mower; 22 Standard with high wheels; 30 Standard; 446; 444 Standard; Pony Standard; Pacer; Colt; Mustang; 50; 333; 444; 555.
MASSEY HARRIS LOADERS: 303 with Davis Loader & Backhoe; Pit Bull with Davis Loader;
MH MOWERS: #14-3 1/2’ one-horse mower; #34-7' tractor mower; #33-6' horse mower; #37-5' horse mower;
#6-7' Semi-mount tractor mower. MH DISCS, HARROWS: 3 section spring tooth harrow-3 point hitch; 8' double disc 3 point hitch; 9 blade one-way disc; 6 blade one-way disc; 28 plate double disc; 44 plate double disc; 2 section spring tooth harrow; 4 sections of harrows. MH WALKING PLOWS: Kanuk hillside walking plow; #8 National gang plow-l furrow; # 1 Quebec Sulky plow; #20 Steel brush breaker plow; 2-#51 walking plow; 2#21 walking plow; 7b & #7 walking plow; MH TRAIL PLOWS: 3 furrow tractor plow #26; #26-2 furrow trail plow; #26-2 furrow match plow with 23A bottom; #28-3 furrow trail plow on rubber; #28- 4 furrow on rubber/hydraulic lift; #802-2 furrow mounted plow; 2 furrow trail plow 10"; 6b-2 furrow trail plow; 41 4 trail plow on rubber/hydraulic lift. MH PLOWS & DISC PLOWS: #23-2 furrow 10" bottom tractor plow; 2 furrow 12" tractor plow; #26-3 furrow tractor plow; 4 blade disc plow; 2 blade disc plow; 1 blade disc plow; MH 3 PTH PLOWS: #37-2 furrow 14" plow; #37-3 furrow 12" plow; #37 -4 furrow 12" plow; Model 72-4 furrow 10" plow. MH THRESHING EQUIPMENT: 8' binder; 7' binder; George White threshing machine; 7' Clipper Self Propel combine; 7'Clipper Pull Type combine; #60 Self Propel com~ine'; #21A combine; #1 Baler with motor; Forage Clipper Forage Harvester P.T.O.; 2 row self propel corn picker; Forage blower;
Corn binder. MH PONY EQUIPMENT: #40 mounted hay mower; #40 field cultivator; #40 1 furrow plow;
#40 scuffler; #40 disc; #40 blade; #10 farm loader. MH IMPLEMENTS: Orchard sprayer; #11 ground drive field sprayer; 3 drum Varity land roller; Double drum land packer; Cutting box; #4 seed drill 11 run Hoe drill with cultivator; #20A seed drill-tractor driven; #26-15 run seed drill on rubber; Bob sleigh with rack; #4 pump jack with pump-Model S Clark Engine; # 10 hand sprayer; horse drawn dump rake; 16 run Shoe drill-3 horse;
#10 Horsedrawn manure spreader; 6' horse cultivator; #2 straw cutter; #9 straw cutter; stock chopper; 2A scuffler; #18 springtooth scuffIer; #1 potato digger; #3a Buzz saw-cordwood & pulpwood; #1 buzz saw; 5' grass seed sower; 1 row potato planter; # 11 grain grinder; #7 grain grinder; # 1 grain grinder; # 15 tractor drawn manure spreader; Easy Flow Lime Spreader. BICYCLES: MH wooden wheel bicycle-1896; MH wooden wheel on rear, steel wheel on front; MH Sunshine tricycle.
100 YEAR OLD EQUIPMENT: horse drawn dump rake; horse drawn bean puller/scuffIer combination; #28 plate double disc; #20-2 horse hoe-1917; #3 hay tedder-1897; Cummings straw cutter; Verity turnip planter-2 row with shalves; turnip planter-2 row-l horse with shalves; #1 turnip pulper; #1 & #2 turnip pulper-original; #1 hay loader; manure spreader; #2 reaper 1910; Columbus steel drag scoop.
MASSEY-FERGUSON TRACTORS: 25 diesel-French tractor; 130 diesel-French Vineyard tractor.
MF LAWN MOWERS: 7 electric start with deck; 8 no deck; 8 hydro speed with deck; 10 variable speed with deck; 10 with deck; 10 with front blade; 14 with snow blower, new houser, chains, weights; 16 hydro with side mount sickle mower; 16 with deck, new cab; 24 with deck; 24S with deck; 26 no deck; Executive with deck;
5 with deck-rear engine; 832 rear engine. MF CHAIN SAWS: Weather King 3hp chain saw; MF chain saw 190a; MF chain saw 61 cc. MF MISC: 4hp rotor tiller; 5hp rotor tiller; 500 sst ski whiz; 400 sst ski whiz.
FERGUSON PLOWS, ETC: 5 furrow 12" 3pth; side. rake 3pth; 2085 with Davis Ind. Motor shuttle trans.;
2 row corn planter 3pth; 3pth buzz saw; 3pth carry all; manure spreader; 1 set steel wheels;
GAS ENGINES: 2 horse Cushman hit 'n miss gas engine; 3 horse Cushman hit 'n miss gas engine; 2-Model S Clark engines; SPECIALTY ITEMS: Massey-Harris Ferguson farm equipment sign; 82 MH bulldozer; 1100 scale model row crop 3pto hydraulic; #86-4 furrow semi mount plow; scale model field sprayer; Cushman-3 wheel with dump; Chuck wagon on rubber; motorized picnic table.
Plan to attend this UNRESERVED auction. George has been a Massey Collector for over 35 years.
One of Ontario's top Massey Collections. A sale not to miss.
For more information call George & Barb Smyth at 519-529-7781 or email:
TERMS: Cash or acceptable cheque with proper I.D. Proprietors & auctioneers not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of purchases.
Verbal announcements take precedence over advertising.