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MasseyH - (12/14/2012 11:13:01 PM)
Racine MH Plant - John F Herda
As I understand it, John Herda was a hardware store owner in the area of Hales Corner, WI just NW of Racine, WI.  He was also a farmer and had good connections within MH Racine.  He was often called upon by MH for photo opportunities with equipment working the fields.

Here are a few pics of John on some new equipment.  I will post them under different posts but the first one should be one that is familiar with some of you paper collectors.  This is John sitting on a MH 101 taking a break from plowing with a cool drink from the water jug.  This pic or some very similar have appeared in some of the 101 advertising.  You will see John's face on many of the advertising materials made in this era.


PS - I would not stake my first born on the accuracy of this information but it was what was passed on to me!!  (See, I still love you Drew!!)