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johnfarnworth - (5/17/2012 5:30:27 AM)
tractor design faults
I thought we shoul have a thread on tractor design faults.  That is - being wise after the original designers did their stuff!!!!

I'll kick this off with one of my favourite gripes about the grey Fergusons.  My experience with our TEs is that it is sheer stuipdity not to have had the hood (bonnet in our language) tilting forward a full 90 degrees.  It would have made the checking and filling of the radiator so much easier.  Then they had two independant brake pedals - one on each side.  A nightmare when turning left on a tight headland and trying to operate  the brake and control the clutch at the same time - especially with greasy boots!  The forerunner Ford Fergusons had them paired on the same side - much easier - a design which came back on our Ferguson 35s 

Now to Masseys.  I was in the shed this morning getting my 101 senior going after the winter lay off.  Wouldn't start.  No spark.  But to get at the distributor to file the points one has to remove the hood (bonnet again!).  And we all know what a convenient operation that is with out of line screws!  In contrast my 201 and TE have the distributors on the side of the engine where they are easily accessed.  Anyway she started immediately after the points filing.

Let's get going on this thread - I think we can have a few laughs with our experiences!