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johnfarnworth - (8/13/2012 9:41:36 AM)
RE:Straw yellow

I too agree with you.  Over here we suffer from some appaling shades of grey on the old grey Fergusons and our "grey-gold" (gold belly) Ferguson 35s can be a sight for sore eyes with awful shades of the "gold".

I would go a step further and say why paint up any tractors that have a reasonable amount of original colour left in them?  Keep them as original as possible is my way of thinking and good originals are certainly commanding some premium prices.  Nothing easier than some T cut to clean them up then an oiling down will bring the old paint up a treat.  And remains of original decals are really priceless and can never be reproduced.

Even quite rusty ones come up a shiny treat with a few oilings down and get a shine to them.  It's so much easier, so much cheaper and they don't go off like the best of paint jobs inevitably do over time unless you have de-humidified storage = $$$$$$$$s!!!!!

But - I suppose it's everyone to their own taste ....................................