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jwb53 - (2/9/2013 11:15:30 AM)
RE:Family tractors etc.
The other Massey family tractor I still have is Grandpa Bush's 1962 MF 35.  I remember when Grandpa traded in his Ferguson TO-20 for the new MF 35.  I also remember really enjoying the two-stage clutch on the MF 35 when using the "bush hog" (rotary cutter). 

That same friend of the family bought the 35 in 1983 - before I had gotten bit by the old tractor bug and started my collection.  The family friend passed away in 2004, and he had told his widow that I had first option on the tractor.  Of course I bought it from her then.

I am very fortunate to have a photo of Grandpa with the MF 35 taken in 1975, the spring that I put out the last crop before heading off to work at Caterpillar.  I am including that photo here, along with one I took when I bought it back in 2004.

The MF 35 hasn't been "restored", but has been sorta repainted a time or two over the years.  I use this one a lot around the farm for running the "bush hog", grading the lane, and other odds and ends.  It still starts right up and runs just like it did when new.