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johnfarnworth - (2/11/2013 12:16:26 PM)
RE:Family tractors etc.
This is another tractor I have that used to belong to the same great uncle Benjamin.

It's a single front GREEN Challenger of 1937 vintage.  It is very near to the end of the serial numbers for these tractors and we think that it was painted red to clear stocks before the red Challengers came on the scene.  It was sold off at his retirement sale in 1968 and I lost track of it for about 20 years. Green paint shows under the red in places.

It had gone to a scrap dealer.  Dad and I did try to buy it from him a few weeks later put he had a 400% mark up on what he had paid!  But fortunately another farmer subsequently bought it from him with a view to restoring it.  I eventually tracked it down but it took another 10 years to buy it back.  The farmer had never done anything with it other than, mercifully, store it dry in a shed. 

When I finally recovered it it didn't take much to get it going again.  The bonnet and petrol tank had rotted away.  I fitted a replacement bonnet and patched the petrol tank.  As you can see the rear tyres are original style Firestones and the new front tyre I fitted is a faithful copy of what was originally fitted to them.

John Lennie worked for my uncle and used to drive the tractor for him.  It was especially used for pulling a big 4 wheel, in line, Jones baler fitted with david Brown engine which weighed about 3 tons.  But it was easy to tow 4 wheel trailers behind it and load the bales straight on.  They baled 100s of acres of straw together and my uncle liked this particular tractor because the large single front squashed the straw down for the in line baler.

Another  job for the tractor towards the end of it's life was driving an M-H hammer mill with a wide flat belt from the belt pulley.  The drive was taken up to a pulley and shaft arrangment in the top of the shed and the power transmitted along and then down to the mill in a separate part of the shed.

So it has known work and looks as if it has just stopped work.  John Lennie has been tice to view "his" old tractor says it is exactly as he remembers it - even down to the moth holes in the mudguards.  I love it like this and am leaving it original to reflect its history.  I even have the road registration number and registration document with it.

Sorry- I failed to get the second picture on yesterday - system failure at the site!  Anyway here it is showing John Lennie reunited with "his tractor" which he remembers so fondly.  We took the cover off the mag and started it each time he came up to visit and he had a trip back in time driving it round.

Talking of systems failure Joe, Gary and Brendan - I've just been chatting to Malcolm and he is very distressed that you haven't got him back on line yet!  He has much to report..............