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johnfarnworth - (5/11/2012 1:33:41 PM)
MCA Ideas
Just back from the theatre and local steakhouse so am in a fair relaxed mood.  It occured to me on the way home why don't we run an IDEAS thread on the MCA site.  By this I mean a thread where every member whether in N America or overseas like me can post their ideas for possible development routes and activities for the MCA and its web site.

Many members either can't or will never attend meetings and of course we overseas never will.  But such a thread - call it a forum in its own right if you like - could serve as a posting ground for ideas and queries about MCA on an everyday basis.  These could be read , digested and considered by the board for possible discussion and action at their meetings. This way ideas would be gently considered over time and not just rushed at a meeting.  It would bring a true openess to the MCA but it must of course be on a totally civilised and polite basis.

So - what's the thinking on this?

I'll make a start by suggesting that there is a real need to work out how we can find a method for non members to reply/contribute to the web site as we are undoubtedly now missing out on many potentially useful replies and original contributions which we did have in the past.

Using this as an example of an IDEA the board have plenty of time to discuss this and possibly/hopefully come up with a solution in due course - or of course with due reason kick it in to touch.  No rush - just lets get IDEAS aired and on the table and in the melting pot.