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Posted: 6/7/2012 1:01:34 PM

To MCA Members and other Friends of the Hobby reading this forum.

An open note to readers of the MCA Website forum – Members and non-members alike.
As is obvious to all of you reading this forum, there is one “member” of the Massey Collectors Association (MCA) who unfortunately has nothing but negativity in what seems like some sort of ill-founded, vindictive agenda towards the MCA, particularly aimed at the Board of Directors.  This comes across loud and clear through everything you read in his posts.  And I won’t have to tell you who he is.   This man is generally uniformed, and often irrational with respect to most things he complains about, and seems to have a lot of time for bashing and negative comments.  His conduct is non-becoming of an MCA member, and not in alignment with the Preamble upon which our collector organization is based.  One has to wonder why he would even be a member of an organization he so obviously disdains – other than to openly and public carry out his apparent vendetta.
(As a side note, most who know this person already realize that the MCA board was not his first target, and has not been his only target for his irrational, outspoken opinions and rants.)
Yes, he was removed from being able to post when the membership chairman noted his 2012 dues had not yet been received.  And, his particular string of ranting posts about MCA membership dues was removed, since it was not in line with the purpose of this forum, and not the appropriate place or method.  Once this person’s dues were received, the membership chairman sent a very well worded, and thoughtful message to this member, with some well-founded guidelines for appropriate conduct on the MCA website forum.  And, he included a clear message/guideline for appropriate ways for this person to air his “concerns” with the MCA Board.  It is clear that message was ignored.  This is unfortunate for all of us.
By and large, the General Membership of the MCA has been very supportive of the Board of Directors, whom they elected.  However, just like any organization, or population, there is always a vocal minority.  And, most vocal minorities love the stage and public forums.
Here are some details most of you already know about the MCA:
The MCA has an annual Spring Meeting for all members the second weekend in March.  We have an open Board of Directors meeting the Friday night before the General Membership meeting, to which all members are invited.  This is an appropriate place to ask questions about the workings of the organization hear the treasurer’s report and ask questions about that report, hear discussions and motions before the board and the thought that goes into any actions taken by the board, and voice any opinions pertinent to the organization.
Board members are then elected at the general membership meeting on Saturday.  This is how the organization determines its leadership.  This is another venue to share thoughts and opinions – by who you elect.
The MCA has an adopted set of By-Laws which we follow for conducting business of the organization.  These By-Laws, and all amendments, have been reviewed with and approved by the General Membership of the MCA.  These are the General Membership By-Laws, not just for the elected Board of Directors.   They should probably be posted on the website as well.
Here are a few key Articles/Sections from the MCA By-Laws:
Article V – Board of Directors:
Section 1.     The management and affairs of the Association resides with the Board of Directors.
Section 3.    The Board of Directors shall be chosen from the membership of the Massey Collectors Association, Inc. and will be voted upon by the membership at the Annual Meeting.
Section 8.    The Board of Directors shall set annual dues for membership of the Massey Collectors Association, Inc.
Section 9.    No board member shall receive payment for his or her services to the Massey Collectors Association, Inc.
Article X – Amendments:
Section 1.    These By-Laws may be amended or repealed at an Annual Meeting by a 2/3 majority affirmative vote of the members present.  Proxy votes may be requested by the membership.
Section 2.    Members are to be notified of any proposed changes in the By-Laws by the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.
Yes, the Board of Directors are volunteers.  This is a “money out of pocket” position for the Board of Directors.  They are only there because they care about the organization, want to proactively be involved, and will make the time to do so in the appropriate forums.  Most wind up contributing substantially to the MCA in both personal time and in money.
Yes, the By-Laws, and all amendments by which we govern, were reviewed and approved by a 2/3 majority of the participating members at the annual Spring Meetings.  Nothing in those By-Laws was rammed down anybody’s throat.
There is a discussion thread started for members to post their ideas for ways the MCA can raise some funds, have other activities, etc.  If you have some proactive, appropriate ideas, please share them there.  None have already been, nor will be “ignored” as suggested already by an individual.  They will all be reviewed by the board when we meet again at the Massey Exposition of America in August.
SO, members and non-members alike, please feel free to make up your own mind what you think about the ranting, negative posts of this individual.  Hopefully you will all recognize them for what they are, and understand that there is not any sort of overall, general unrest in the MCA organization, nor distrust in the Board of Directors.   This situation on annual membership dues was explained in the last issue of the MCA Newsletter, and also shared on this website.
IF any of you other members feel differently, please address it directly with the Board of Directors (their phone numbers and email addresses are listed at this site), and let’s keep the MCA Website forum used for its intended purposes, including the sharing of useful information, the betterment of the Massey collecting hobby and MCA organization.
If you choose to engage in response to this person’s posts on the website, please do so with the knowledge that whatever you say will most likely be met with the same sort of response as the original post, and it is really a no win situation.  And, please try to keep your own posts respectful and appropriate and don’t get sucked down to lower levels.
And, finally, I need to make it clear that this post is made on my own, as proud Past-President of the Massey Collectors Association, and as a member who wants to see the organization continue to grow and meet the intentions of its formation.   This post is not MCA Board of Directors sanctioned.  If you want to take exception to anything I have posted here, please take that up directly with me.  My phone number and email address are listed on the officers page.
John Bush

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