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Posted: 1/23/2012 10:05:23 AM

Loading Pictures

Pictures are much easier to load than on the old system.  You can bring them right out of your file on your computer.

What I do: 
I type my message,
Type in my verification code,
Put a "check" in the "Attach file(s):" box and click "Okay".
It then brings up a screen that asks you to "Browse" for your picture, Click on "Browse"
Find your picture you have stored on your computer and "open" it into the browser - you will see the file location in the box 
Click on upload and in a few seconds your picture name will appear. 

(The picture needs to be a smaller size than it might be currently stored as - they need to be in the 200 KB range for a faster up loading. It does not effect the quality of most pics.  You can put a large picture in but it takes a while to upload it - patience!!)

If it is not what you like just click "delete".
You can put several pic on one message  (this message has two pictures attached)
When you are done with uploading your pictures just click on "Back"
They should appear under your message.
Then just click "Okay"
and it is done.

Another nice feature is you can post something and then add a picture later by clicking on "Attachment" .  The process is the same.  Only the submitter can post and a pic and edit the message.

Hope this helps a little.  There might be a better way but it works for me.



The first picture is probably too big for the system (it was slow loading in) the second one of the gentlemen is better.  You can click on the picture to see it better.  You will notice the girls picture is larger then the boys pic when you click on them. That is because of the size of the stored picture.  If you remember on the old system we had pictures that were twice the size of the screen!?!?  That is because they they MBs in size.

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Posted: 1/15/2013 4:06:41 PM

RE:Loading Pictures


Here is some helpful hints and instructions to upload pics.

The web site has lifted the size requirements on the pics, but if you could make them smaller it just saves on the servers storage area!!


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