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johnfarnworth - (8/1/2012 12:31:58 PM)
RE:Ferguson P3
Yes Alan - you are quite right to draw my attention to this.  Correctly fitted the bonnet (hood!!) riser piece which raised the bonnet above the normal dashboard height did leave little room for one's hand a fingers to pass between it and the steering wheel often resulting in grazed knuckles.  But the answer was simple I found.  Just move the riser piece forward on the bonnet so that when it came down on the dashboard it only just, rather than fully sat on the dashboard.  This gave considerable extra clearance and freedom from grazed knuckles.

How is the MH wrench documentation coming along?  Hope you are getting some good contacts around the world and consequently good info coming in.  Keep at it!!!! 

My challenge is still to get someone in the US and North America generally to get the North American MH and MF factories documented whilst there are still old factory hands alive.  Time is short but no-one is responding the need and challenge of doing it!!