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JoePoncelet - (4/28/2012 10:25:31 AM)
RE:Wallis Cub Photograph Dated 1912

As near as I can tell the emblem was 3 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide. I probebly shouldn't have sanded that old solder off the radiator a couple years ago but I wanted to clean it up to put the Wallis decal on and get the brass looking pretty.

The quality control at the Wallis plant must not have been that good at the time they put the emblem on as it was off center about an inch or so.

Here is also a couple pictures of other tractors with the oval emblem on the radiator, one is the tractor that made the 1000 mile run and another pulling a grader not the best pictures but you can clearly see it looks oval shaped.