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Alan Harris - (11/1/2013 9:44:10 AM)
RE:Massey plows (ploughs)
That looks a really nice outft that you have there. Were you plowing in a competion there? You seem to have longer Lands over there than we do here. (We call the distance from one end to the other Lands over here for some reason).

I have been plowing most weekends since the begining of September with a MF 65 and Ransomes TS 63E. I don't expect you have Ransomes Plows. They were made locally here in East Anglia.

The M-H #26 Plow I bought in Ontario about five years ago. It has #23A bottoms on it. It is a nice Plow but I haven't plowed in any competions with it.

By the way the picture of the MF65 and me holding the cup wasn't won by me for plowing but by the tractor and plow for being the best turned out at the match.