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jwb53 - (7/6/2012 4:10:01 PM)
The Drought of 2012
Just wondering how wide-spread is this severe drought we're experiencing here in central Indiana. Officially we had 0.5" of rain on May 2nd and another 0.3" mid-month. Not a drop since then. Some corn in the low ground black dirt actually still has color to it, but not likely pollinating with the days of 100+ F heat we are having. Dire situation. Hit 105 F here today (actual temp - not heat index) and suppose to hit only 103 F tomorrow. Finally some relief in the temperatures predicted for early next week - down into the upper 80's. But still no rain in sight. 30-day forecast is higher than average temps and lower than average rainfall.

Posting a shot out my front door of what was a nice, lush green lawn in early May. Somehow the alfalfa just beyond the yard as kept it's color in the low ground, but you can see in the left hand corner closest to the house it is dying out...

Malcolm and John - See if you can't find some big fans to hook-up to your Massey PTOs or Belt Pulleys and try to blow your weather this direction!!

- JB