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MasseyH - (6/8/2012 6:01:02 AM)
Massey Days - Wellington, KS
Since you asked...

We have a great crew of friends here in Wellington, Kansas for the first day of Massey Days.  Unfortunately, the harvest was a little rough but we all had a great time. Only two combines were working in the field.  Charlie Kline brought a nice original Clipper SP Combine and I had my little MH 35 SP Combine.  We immediately cut the field into a managable size and went after it!!  Charlie broke all the leather straps on the canva take up on about round three.  Although there was a lot of engineering going on all day long to fix the machine, it was retired for the day.

My 35 did stay out for the day but with the 50 bu. wheat going thru the small cylinder of the 35 it was a slow challenge.  The return fan just could not handle the amount of grain going into it.

All in all we had a blast!!

We do have some new friends from the day.  We met a nice husband and wife from MB Canada last night that came down just for the event!!  We also had a French student doing his engineering internship with AGCO Combining attend.  He got here just in time to take the 35 on its last pass through the field.

Unfortunately, the owner wanted everything off the field yesterday so he came in and finished it out.

I know there are some good pics floating around out there so we will get some posted soon.

Now for the best part - two more days of just sitting around visiting with friends, looking at Massey items that have come in for the reunion and just relaxing.  That is the best part of any of they gatherings.  Wish you were here but we will talk about you anyway!!

We are still looking for some quality desserts in and around town but it just isn't the same as another visit we took about a year ago!!!

Pictures coming!!