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MasseyH - (6/8/2012 9:55:22 PM)
RE:Massey Days - Wellington, KS
Hi Wayne,

Thanks for posting some of the pics of Massey Days.  It was great to finally meet you face-to-face and have some time sharing with you.

I understand there was a little exictement at the show grounds this evening.  There were actually snowmobile races and a drag race between Steve Sutterby's MH 25 and Dennis Brown's Pacemaker Orchard.

I was not there so I don't know who won but seeing the snowmobile running this morning, I can promise you there were no mosquitoes anywhere near Wellington!!  The blue smoke was rolling!!!

The pics include the mighty MH 35 cutting thru the harvest,  Charlie Kline giving his wife a lesson on operations, a huge field and small combines, and our newest friend - a French engineering intern working for Hesston Combine.  There was a little difference for him comparing the new GPS driven combines and the 35.  I had to explain that the round thing in front of him was a steering wheel and it turned the machine left and right!!!  Everyone had a great time.  More pics will be coming!!