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MalcolmRobinson - (6/21/2012 2:59:11 AM)
RE:John Burge
John Burge will be missed and remembered by many collectors worldwide.

 It was John who convinced me that the UK should hold an event to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Massey Harris in 1997, we had several telephone conversations on the subject and he was determined it was going to happen at my place, after a lot of discussion we agreed it should be part of or a feature at a larger event to attract a wider audience of visitors, so that is how the 150th Anniversary Show for the UK came to be at Carrington Rally Lincolnshire in May 1997, following the one earlier in the year in New Zealand and quickly followed in July by The Canadian one in Milton and the final one for the USA at Racine in September, all great shows which helped put Massey Collecting on the road to the succes that we see and enjoy today, so many thanks John for your determination in making this happen.