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MasseyH - (4/20/2012 5:54:03 PM)
UK Paint Style
Here is a question for our brothers across the pond:  Tell me how you paint with a paint brush?  (I know - one stroke at a time!!)  I have personally seen some of your work and it is fabulous!!

You shared with some of us you paint about all your collectibles with a paint brush by heating the paint.  I friend of mine and I are about done finishing a nice 44 Standard.  (Pics will be forthcoming!!) and were discussing painting some of the smaller parts with a brush and I shared with him your story.

So here are some questions:  At what temperature do you heat the paint?  Do you use reducer or hardener in the paint?  What type brushes do you use?  What secrets might there be to make the items look their best?

We do use a hardener and reducer.  We use a HVLP system.  Everything works great but sometimes you need to do some touch up without using the sprayer. 

Tell us more!!