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Steve333 - (5/16/2012 3:59:44 PM)
RE:UK Paint Style
MasseyH wrote: I am glad you were able to turn the house for a profit!!  You should be able to buy a home over here with all the profit!  Sure would save you more money!!

Strawberries are looking good but I am still searching for the cream.  I even contacted the UK producer and of course he is not a global provider.  Something about short shelf life!!  I definitely have not found the same cream over here.  Still looking however.

Enjoy your comfortable flight over!!  At least you will be fresh for the crazy days of chasing tractors and memorabilia!!

Painting is waiting on prep.  Plow is about ready to go.  Also working on another wagon (Cobey) but plan to paint it red and yellow.

We finished up on Mike Jones's 44 Standard - really looks nice.  If he doen't post some pics I will soon!!

Look forward to seeing you in August!!


Gary, There is a pretty good size Jersey dairy farm at Greenville, IL. They make cheese there. They might sell you some cream. Don't remember the name. Just google cheese Greenville, IL.