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johnfarnworth - (5/17/2012 1:15:17 AM)
RE:UK Paint Style

Sorry to say but that cream you have looks a bit insipid - it must be out of one of those wretched Holsteins!! and not a supreme Jersey.

To continue on the MASSEY FOOD line it would be good for you to have a MASSEY cream separator at a show and spin down 10 gallons of real Jersey milk to get that luscious cream.  Check first that the Jerseys have been fed on silage or whatever produced with MASSEY equipment then you would have a real MASSEY BRAND leader

Actually we have suffered a slight set back with our Jersey DOUBLE cream supplies.  The supermarket we regularly go to is now only stocking thick Jersey cream which is a sort of half way house beteween single and double cream.  So we went over to another on Anglesey (incidentally where Kate Middleton shops) and re-established a source of DOUBLE Jersey cream.

Life will throw up its little problems!!!