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MasseyH - (5/16/2012 10:14:52 PM)
RE:UK Paint Style
That isn't just some hardcore whipping cream, is it!!  Looks like you are on to something!!

Now for the hard questions -- Am I going to Kansas!!  I would not miss for anything.  I am even going to haul my MH 35 combine out.  It is running and ready to jump on the trailer.  Even going to stay over and go to the MMCA State Show the next weekend.

I need to get it all worked in this year because I won't be able to afford  it next year because I will have to pay the $10.00 dues increase!!  What will I do - sitting at home looking at all these red things and not be able to go anywhere!?!?!?  Since you have all the money maybe you can underwrite it for me!!  (sorry about that!!)

Anyway,  I look forward to a taste of the US version of heavy Jersey Cream.

Now I am off to my math, spelling and grammar classes!!

Already dieting in preparation!!