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Challenger man - (5/7/2012 10:02:46 AM)
RE:MF 258 Agriculteur
Hi all,

Can you believe I've finally made it into the loop??  Cause for a celebration & great indebtedness to my wife!

We ate what we thought was our last picking of last year's fall crop of spinach on Christmas.  Then the snow came & we figured that was the end of it.  When the snow melted this spring, here was the green stuff actually growing!   We've feasted on the gigantic leaves ever since!  That's a new experience in all our years of gardening.  We planted potatoes this spring on March 17--unusually early for Iowa.  (John, you'd better get that new tiller in gear & enjoy some veggies besides just corn!)

What is the recipe for oil you apply to old original tractors?