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Posted: 10/24/2012 7:18:18 AM

Massey Harris Bag Cart.

Over the past few years it is amazing how many M-H bag carts or "sack trucks" as we know them in UK has surfaced in Canada and found their way into many Massey memorabilia collections throughout the world, the most familiar one we see was originally manufactured by Verity and sold through M-H, later versions have just the M-H name on them, they have a large cast foot at the bottom which makes them easily identified, I found one in Ontario many years ago and brought it back to England.

Well what a surprise I had on my return to England in September, just over the US jetlag in two days and off to The Little Casterton Working weekend with my M-H 20-30 and spring tine harrows, suffering a bad back from the long flight home I was sat on my tractor most of the weekend, as I drove past the line of gas engines a collector came up to stop me and said he had something to show me, it was a Massey Harris sack truck of British origin, I was soon off the tractor seat to look and within five minutes a deal was done and I was back on the seat with an addition to the collection.

The first photo below is the North American version, follwed by photo's of the British one and note the unusual cast iron wheels with the <M-H> logo in them.

Has anyone else seen one of these?


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Posted: 10/24/2012 7:56:12 AM

RE:Massey Harris Bag Cart.

Very cool looking cart!  Good to know of another variation with those MH cast wheels.

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Posted: 10/25/2012 6:09:02 AM

RE:Massey Harris Bag Cart.


I think over the winter months the woodwork will receive some further restoration, also make and fit the two missing cross pieces and another coat of paint will see it completed and ready for display, it is those unusual cast wheels which makes it interesting, I have never seen this style before.


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