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JoePoncelet - (6/30/2012 9:47:31 PM)
RE:MCA Website Picture Up-Date.

Glad to see you noticed the picture!! How could you not, as this is a very cool looking picture.

Ok for it's origins, You know how Jo likes to collect wine bottles from every place we travel arround the world, If there is a Winery in the area we have to stop and get a bottle that has their local name and town on it. Many times when we go to Massey events she makes me find a liquor store that has a bottle from the town where the show was or the closest town near by.

Once in a blue moon we actually travel to places that are unrelated to any Massey events such as auctions, shows or private collections which like I say is very few and far between. This particular day we were to travel several hundred miles and visit 4 winerys on the way and If you have ever been to a winery you know they fill you up with samples trying to get you to buy that perfect blend they all make.

After the second winery we were traveling to the next and I really had to take a leak but we were on a main highway and was no place to stop and everytime I found a place that looked like it woulld work for me she sped on and laughed and said "How does it feel" now you know what I go through everytime we are on the way to a show'.

Finally, once she gave in and found a back road we pulled off on the gravel and into a field driveway and much to my surprise this tractor was sitting at the edge of the field. I think I wet my pants as I don't remember taking my leak. I got the camera and snapped this picture then went up close to get a picture of the serial number and it read 200,001

I said, "we have to find the owner of this field at once and see if this tractor is for sale". So we went to the next farm house and knocked on the door and the old fella came to the door and said "what in God's name would you want that piece of junk for!!" Besides, I sold it to the local scrap man a year ago and he hasn't picked it up yet. I told him I wanted to buy it from the scrap man If possible to let him know. I said we had two more winerys to go to and would stop back later in the day to see if he got a hold of him.

Well, we proceeded to the next winerys then stopped back at the farmers place later in the day to see what he found out. He said he got a hold of the scrap man and he said he was meaning to get over there one of these days and get it. The farmer said within an hour he heard a noise and looked out to see what it was and the junk man was picking this precious jewel up with a large grapple on a big truck and before he could say a word the scrap man dumped it upside down into his truck and drove off.

Now at this point I bet you are no longer sitting in your seat if you are reading this!!!!!!!!!!!

Malcolm, I should become a story writer as I bet I really got your attention with this one but I can't lie to you any more as you will probably have a heart attack if I keep it up.

The truth is this is a picture of my Orchard Wallis SN 200,072 sitting in the shape I found it in California but the picture has been enhanced and touched up to make it fit the screen size.

I was at an auction today and saw Tom and he put me up to getting you stirred up about this as he noticed your post on his phone way before I was even home to see it.

I did manage to get a really nice looking 20-30 to ride home on my trailer with me from the auction though, I will post pictures under the Wallis thread in time.

Hope I did not ruin your day as it is just about midnight here and you are probebly just hearing the roosters about now,