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Tseaberg - (7/28/2013 7:55:09 AM)
Austin MB Massey show
This weekend we drove up to Manitoba to see the Massey expo at the Manitoba Ag Museum in Austin MB. Jim decided he was going to bring a couple tractors with so thats the 22 and Mustang standard on the trailer and a 44-6 standard that is freshly rebuilt and waitng for paint. Before we left we had to look over Jim's new Massey 90 wheatland with only 4000 original hours, I cant say I have seen a 90 standard before as we thought they were just and 88 then with the standard axle? Maybe somebody else knows?
We made a few detours along the way to look at some stuff and stopped at a few extra places along the way. First place we stopped the guy had a bunch of John Deere and International tractors along the road for sale but only a couple Masseys, One was this 333 diesel standard. Not very common but the guy really thought it was gold. Then we headed west again and found this #2 along side the road, Nice tractor!