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MalcolmRobinson - (7/31/2013 8:49:29 AM)
RE:Austin MB Massey show
Many thanks for the photo's of the Massey feature at Austin Tom, I have spent several hours there over the years, did you get into the bone yard behind the wire fence?? there was several Wallis tractors in there last year when I had a guided tour, we drove around in the car, some very nice project tractors of all makes for future restoration.

Also pleased you got to see the No 2, I first met the owner here in England at a Rally in the early 1990's, then met him again when I went to buy my Sawyer Massey 20-40 in 1998, got a shock when he fetched me into the house for breakfast on the morning of the sale after travelling 24 hours and sleeping a few hours in the car West of Winnipeg.

Anyway since then I have driven that No 2 around his yard a few times, seen it at the local show and stayed with them at their home before they sold the farm, two great brothers with a great affection for old iron on both sides of the pond.

How many more No 2's are you going to add to your growing list?? when are you going to find a No3???????????????????????????????????????????