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Posted: 3/11/2012 6:22:13 PM

2012 MCA Spring Meeting

On behalf of all the members of MCA we want to send our sincere thanks to our newest chapter of MCA - the Iowa Massey Collectors Association for their outstanding display of hospitality and planning they presented at our 2012 MCA Spring Meeting! The facilities were excellent and the food was delicious. The exhibits and vendors were outstanding and the friends and fellowship were above reproach. Thank you to all of Iowa MCA for providing MCA with a great weekend!

Another "grassroots" effort was the tremendous success provided by a clandestine group of MCA members calling themselves the “Women of Massey." This group of individuals planned a "Bake Sale" for the Spring Meeting with all the proceeds going toward the maintenance and upkeep of our MCA Website. The cakes and cookies and brownies and pies and candies and BREADS just kept coming in throughout the weekend!!   Rumor has it the Bake Sale will be donating $1217.50 to the MCA web site account. Thank you to ALL the outstanding bakers and candy makers for VOLUNTARILY supporting this project. Your donations were appreciated and enjoyed by all!!!

Congratulations go to our newly elected MCA Board Members for volunteering to serve and being elected to the National Board. They include: Harry Bowen, Orangeville, IL and Kurt Kelsey, Iowa Falls, IA serving four year terms and Charlie Kline, Agency, Mo and Gary Sager, Magnolia, IL serving three year terms.

John Campbell, Charlotte, MI will be leaving the MCA Board after serving four years. John has also served as the MCA Treasurer for the past three years. John has provided invaluable leadership to the organization protecting our limited funds as we reorganized our dues structure and saw our spending out growing our income. John diligently maintained and directed the board to be frugal in their spending. Thank you John Campbell for volunteering and being so committed to the ideals of MCA. You now have every opportunity to come to all the future MCA events, sit back, visit, relax and not worry about collecting money, writing checks and being asked every hour if we have any money!! Thank you from all of the members of MCA!!

Congratulations are also extended to the Missouri Massey Collectors Association for volunteering to host the 2013 MCA Spring Meeting in Hannibal, Missouri. They have a challenge matching the efforts of Iowa but with their experience it will be another great meeting experience.

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