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MalcolmRobinson - (1/4/2013 2:40:43 PM)
RE:New Years Day Start up and Road Run.
Lyn's problem of removing the rear wheels has reminded me of a story I remember my dad telling me about one of their 12-20's in the 1940's.
He had purchased a set of new British cast iron wheels with rubber tyres from an advert in the Farmers Weekly magazine to replace a set of almost worn out steel wheels. It was just prior to harvest when they arrived and they fitted the front wheels very quickly, the rears they could not move them and decided to back off the wheel nuts, double nut and lock them together and work the tractor, hoping when the wheels came loose they would not drop off the half shaft.
They thought pulling the binder would quickly loosen the two rear wheels, well 400 acres and over a month later the wheels had not moved at all and their last resort was to make a proper puller with the help of the local blacksmith. I still use it today and find some wheels can be very stuborn, others just pull straight off, depends on how well the last mechanic greased the key and shaft befor he put the wheel on.

So good luck Lyn and let us know when you get them off and painted. I often find some heat from the acetylene torch helps a lot above the key.

A very nice looking Green Pacemaker to add to your collection and congratulations on a New Years crank up.