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MalcolmRobinson - (2/3/2014 6:07:19 AM)
RE:waird plow
I hope Dennis and Suzie is keeping track on this site, if so please cast your mind back to last September and the Erdle auction in Canandaigua, I recall seing in the long line of tractors in the weeds an arched cast iron axle with lifting handles each side and a pair of wheels with a style of hub and spokes I had not seen before, the Wiard name and address was cast into the arch axle.

At the time I wondered what it was from and thought it would be a lovely piece of cast iron to display, did you see or even buy that piece Dennis? as I know you bought a few pieces there.

Well this weekend whilst browsing my Wiard literature I think I have found the implement it was from in the 1893 catalogue, this catalog charts their production from 1804 to 1893 and the listing of the Patent Silky Plow with what looks like a wooden beam seems to fit what I recall seeing in Canandaigua.

A very nice early example of a sulky plow and Wiard claim in their literature they claim to be "the oldest plow makers in the USA"

Hope this rare piece survived into preservation and someone's collection last September, rather than in the scrap pile going to China, as it looked like it had sat there for many many years.