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jwb53 - (5/11/2013 9:25:10 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris Centennial Decal
I found the Centennial decal that I have.  I scanned it and am attaching the photo here. 

There are a couple of things about this decal that you can't tell from the scan:  The decal is actually clear in two places that show white on the scan (due to the decal being on white backing paper).  1.  The man's shirt, and 2.  The center section of the round Massey-Harris logo.  The letters M-H with the dash in the middle are actually there, but in white color on the clear.  Therefore, when the decal is applied to the front center, near the top of the grill, the red paint will show through the clear.  The man's shirt will appear red, and the white M-H letters will show on red background in the center of the round M-H logo. 

I am not sure who made this reproduction of the Centennial decal, but it is pretty decent.

Next question:  I thought that these were only put on 1947 Model Year Massey-Harris tractors.  An inquiry came to me second hand from a man wanting to put one of these on his 1948 M-H Model 20.  Does anybody know if the 1847-1947 Centennial decal would have been put on a 1948 model from the factory?

Thanks again,