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MasseyH - (6/10/2013 9:04:19 PM)
RE:Massey Days 2013 - Armstrong's

You have to admit that 88 Special was very "orginial".  I can not image what it would be like driving that thing.  It was just you and the steering wheel.  No back support, no seat belts; just you and the Champion cast iron seat.  The owner said it was the scariest drive he has made and he makes these hot rods!! Definitely a crowd around it all weekend.

I know Drew did get some other pics when he gets time to upload them.

Here is my tiny load I hauled in.  In fact I left it there and plan to pick it up when we head to Harry Bowens in July.  They are all french Ponies,  the first is an 821 with Hanamag diesel, second is an 821 with Peugeot gas, the third is an 812 with Simca gas and the fourth is an 820 Vineyard with Hanomag diesel.

Lots of interesting questions about these strange invasions from across the pond. 

The second pic is looking over the creek and up the hill to a field of red and green.  It was very impressive!!   Wes, Debbie and their family did a great job serving as our hosts for the weekend.