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MasseyH - (11/6/2013 9:42:41 PM)
RE:Massey signs
Sorry for my tardiness but I can add a couple of pics to the sign thread. 

The first pic is my neon dealers sign I purchased from one of our friends in Nebraska about 18 months ago.  We had it totally restored but it still has the original working transformer in it.  Ironically, the sign was made in Marion, Indiana about 75 miles for me.   I makes a great security light for the tractor barn!!

The second pic is of two window neon signs I had reproduced by the person who redid my dealers sign.  They are a little different than the originals but still look good in some of the displays around the Eastern half of the US and Canada.  I had 12 sets made so some of you will see them around.

The third pic is of a very nice MF sign I found at Penfield.  It is about 4'x4' metal sign and near perfect!!