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JoePoncelet - (9/26/2013 6:24:47 AM)
RE:Photo ops..
Back in 1942 the city of Quzhou, China played a big part in the survival of the American Pilots after the famous "Jimmy Doolittle Raid" bombing of Tokyo, Japan. The American pilots were to land in the Quzhou airport but as you know several crashed in the water as they ran out of fuel due to the 800 mile flight they had to make instead of the 450 mile flight they were planning for. The people of Quzhou hand dug a cave to hide the American pilots and paid a huge price for it as they were bombed many times by Japan and killed many people of Quzhou but they never gave up the Americans.

The Sister Cities Commission promotes cultural exchange between cities of different nations to foster strengthened economics, world peace and a greater understanding of the world issues. The City of Red Wing has two official sister cities – Ikata, Japan and Quzhou, China. The commission also has an informal relationship with Drammen, Norway. The Sister Cities Commission can have up to 15 members appointed by the Mayor.

When we were in China last year the President of Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical signed an agreement with them to start a student/teacher exchange program with them and Wang Pei Hui and Fang Ziaofen are the frst two to come here to the US.

When we were over in China we got a chance to go see the cave they hid the American pilots in. Here are a couple pictures of the cave and two of the American pilots names still carved in the wall. Talk about a Photo OP!!