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johnfarnworth - (10/22/2013 12:04:48 PM)
GP 6 cylinders
Does anyone have any concrete evidence on how many MH GP 6 cylinders were ""Made""?  There is an ad in the latest Massey Legacy which says there were 12 made and only two known to exist.  The one advertised is for a healthy $85,000!!!!

On my numerous travels in N America I have come across more 6 cylinders than this and we have one in the UK.  I have also come across many rumours about how many were ""made"", and some suggestions that they were prototypes.  I have come acroos no-one so far that has official documented MH evidence.  So the questions are:
1.  Were they official MH prototypes
2. Were they ever made by MH or were they after market engine switches?
3. If they were after market engine switches were they done offically by MH or by after market fixers?
4. If they were official MH original tractors or engine switches then did MH officially advertise them as originals or as available engine switches?

I stress that we need official MH documented evidence.  Is it out there with someone?

Hope we can clear up this mystery once and for all!