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JoePoncelet - (11/9/2013 1:04:11 PM)
RE:GP 6 cylinders

Have you found room in your shed for that $85,000 tractor yet???  I too saw that ad and thought if this truely was a tractor worth $85,000.00 why not spend the money on a full page color ad with pictures???

I have seen about 8-9 Gps with the 6 cylinder engines in them now and have yet to see one single tractor that would convince me that it was a true factory made GP with a 6 cylinder engine.

I have yet to see any literature, parts books or Brochures indicating there was ever any made on the assembly line at Racine.

I do believe the Prototype GP I showed pictures of earlier on the site under the GP thread did have a Six cylinder engine in it. I think when they were testing out the prototype tractor they realised the engine was too heavy and possibly more expensive verses the four cylinder so they went with the four cylinder engine instead.

I would love to hear from others on the  subject as I have had this subject on my mind for years....