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Posted: 1/21/2012 1:25:50 PM

Auction Results

Here are a few results of auctions taking place in Indiana and Illinois on Saturday Jan 21, 2012.  I had hoped to get to the Illinois auction since it was a good friend of mind from Florida but the ice got in my way.  There were lots of very nice custom toys there.  The other one was an antique auction in Shipshena, IN.  Tremendously nice antiques with some amazing prices.  An example would be a Mansure John Deere #0 corn sheller for only $4,700.00.  I had a friend at that one to pick up some cheap Massey stuff.  Didn't happen.

The first set of pictures are a Baird Custom SP Clipper $400.00.
Rodney Cover SP Corn Picker $850.00!!
Reuhl SP Combine w/ seat on tank rough box $$775.00!!

MF Wagon NIB w/bubble wrap $100.00.
Farmhand loader on MH 44 $150.00.
Reuhl (Lone Tree) Grain Drill $90.00.


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Posted: 1/21/2012 1:44:59 PM

RE:Auction Results

Here is the Shipshe items.  Now these prices will make you cry.  It tried to get in but my top bid wasn't even the starting bid!!  I guess I am too tight or the money flows much easier in the north country.

The octogan clock (I tried to ask about the outside enclosure and everyone said it was part of the clock!!)  ONLY   $1,500.00!!!

The round MH Dealers sign w/ "Service" sign but no hanging bracket. They called it 7.5 out of 10.    ONLY   $1350.00!!!   I guess I need to continue to work on my plans for replicating this sign!!

The Blackstone cast iron seat  $100.00  (not bad)

Thats what I know on the auction scene today!!  Great stuff - just too rich for my blood!!


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