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johnfarnworth - (12/26/2012 4:53:39 AM)

The thing here is we don't HAVE to listen to the Queen, but it's a bit of a Xmas Day tradition with our family and many others.  The advantage of a non-political monarch over a political President is that  her speech doesn't contain oodles of promissary political verbiage.  She's done an outstanding job of holding the nation together now for over 60 years.  I would hate to have our Prime Minister warbling over us on Xmas Day - he is another verbiage merchant like Obama and suffers the same from wanting to be liked

Well - I don't know whether to say "hope the snow came" so that you had something to gainfully push around when you woke up this morning.  Maybe keep some in the cold store for Joe for his ebruary epic.  Whatever - send us a shot of the 65 in action please