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JoePoncelet - (1/19/2013 7:07:38 PM)
RE:Catching Air!!!!!

Congratulations on being the first one to make it to 200 on the top contributers!!! Malcolm is right behind you by only one or two steps!!!! Thank you both for all your imput and enthusiasm it is very inspiring.

Getting ready for Whiz-N-Day the other day I took a 500sst out of the barn and pulled the choke and gave it only one pull and it started and ran!! This sled has been sitting since last year. I have never had this happen in all my years of playing with the Whizzers. It really shocked me.

The weather here is so up and down it is unreal. It was 31 degrees F here this morning and it is projected to be -5 in the morning. I got a package this morning from the other side of the pond that will really help out with this problem!! A genuine Harry Ferguson coffee mug. I had to try it out to make sure it will work tomorrow when the cold snap gets here!!!  

My neice Haley can't wait for Whiz-N-Day to get here, she had to try out her new Whiz-N Gear to make sure it will fit.. It will look great with her Ski Whiz helmet that she is so proud of.  Maybe with a little bit of coaching she will make "The Minnesota MCA Ski Whiz Stunt Team".