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LClark - (1/1/2013 12:46:45 PM)
RE:Massey Project
The rear front axle pivot point is a bushing pressed into the casting.  The front pivot is easy to get to so it got greased often and shows little wear.  The rear is hard to get at and on this one was worn through the bushing and 1/2" up into the casting.  Found a different casting locally but it also has the hole elongated.  Obviously the pin on the axle tubes are equally worn.  Not sure what to do with these.  I could have them cast welded and remachined but am worried about loss of strength from the welding process.  Any suggestions?   Removed the wheels and supported the chassis for disassembly.  Originally I had some 3 ton Chinese made jackstands under the rear axle tubes.  As I was lowering it down on to them, one of the jackstand posts exploded.  Luckily I had the floor jack underneath the center section  and not laying under it.  I made up the wood blocks and bought a better set of jackstands.