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MasseyH - (9/5/2012 5:46:04 PM)
MH 22K Project
Well we started looking at the 22K my son drug home to us last year.  Frame is broken, no radiator, tires are gone,  totally froze up and can not be moved other than picking it up.  I scratched my head several times as to why he bought it.  I am still scratching my head after we opened up the transmission housing.  What a surprise.  It is obvious the tractor has sat a while under water.  There was sand on top of all the gears and no oil to be found.  Plenty of rust though!!

The immediate goal is to try and salvage the tranny/rearend case.  If we can get the gears, bears and shafts out without breaking the casting we could be on our way.  The manifold needs some work but it should be repairable.  The fuel tanks are okay (I think).

I have been surprised as to how easy most of the bolts have been to loosen.  I just hope that carries thru inside the housing!!  We will see and we will try to keep you posted on progress (or abandonment)   We have gotten the cultivators off, the seat and bracket, the fenders and platforms, the rims are loose and ready to be removed.

We are going to put a mixture of oil and liquid gold (diesel fuel) inside in hopes it will soak in and loosen some of the crud that is inside.  If anyone has any good ideas let me know!!

Here are a couple of pics to make you appreciate the mess!! 

We will see!!