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JoePoncelet - (6/25/2012 7:39:15 PM)
RE:Valve Spring Failure on Massey 25

That is going to a very nice tractor when you get it done!! I fell in love with it when it was at Gary's and it is in much better shape now.  The thing that really tripped my trigger is the awesome looking manifold, I don't think I have ever seen another one as nice as this one!!

Quick question can you pull an engine out of a styled 25 without removing the transmition with it?? If so can you pull an engine out of an unstyled 25 the same? I know you can do it with the styled Challengers but I don't think you can with the unstyled Challengers Right??

Here is a picture of a gear like the one that went bad on your 25 but this is on one of my parts engines for a Wallis 12-20 this is only an oil slinger right?? How does it get to missing a tooth?? Is this just from bad practices in moving the engine arround once it is out of the tractor or am I missing something that would make this gear go bad? I can see how yours went bad if the nut let loose and the gears chewed it up but how does this one get to missing a tooth??