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johnfarnworth - (2/9/2013 5:59:43 AM)
Family tractors etc.
I thought it might be worth starting a new thread which will perhaps have wide appeal.


I thought it would be good for us to record family tractors, implements, combines etc from past generations of our families that we still own.  I propose that we deliberately exclude family tractors etc that we have only memories and photos of.

If this thread goes well then perhaps we can start another one on Tractors remembered .  There must be a large number of photos out there depicting tractors that are no longer in the family or have simply gone to the great scrap collector in the sky.  Feel free to start this thread someone.

To start the thread off here is a shot of my 1937 green wide front Massey-Harris Challenger which used to belong to my great uncle Benjamin.  He gave it me in 1968 just before he retired.  We had to drag it from out of the hedge but he declared it to be a very good tractor.  He said that they had re-sleeved and pistoned it but never used it again.  It looked awful - we had to pull branches out of it and the mudguards and bonnet were rotted away.  "But look he said we have put oil down the plug holes every year".  He duly cranked it over to prove the point and that it still had good compression. 

I got it home, had the magneto serviced and away she went.  We have since got it back to its present condition and it is an ace starter on the crank.  It is also a very rare example of a Challenger on 10 inch steel rear wheels.  When my folks were retiring and I had no space of my own to store it I sold it to Malcolm - my first meeting with him.  I asked him to give me first chance if ever he wanted to sell it.  In due course (10 years or so) I bought it back off him!

I look forward to contributions from many of you with your surviving family tractors