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johnfarnworth - (2/12/2013 9:51:13 AM)
RE:Family tractors etc.
Here is my MH 744D tractor fitted with Perkins 6 cylinder diesel - arguably the smothest running, great torque and quiet diesel ever made.

I bought it in about 1972 from a scrapyard near here where it had got itself painted a horrible blue.  It was a good runner and only needed minimal straightening up.   I sent it back to my Dad's and uncle's farms for storage as I had nowhere for it here in those days.  Needless to say they found a use for it!  It was put to work every summer for 24 hrs a day for about 8 weeks every summer driving the grain drier fan off the PTO.  It did this for about 10 years before being stood down and replaced by a wagon engine.  So this tho'  always being one of my collection has worked on the family farms.

Note the British fitted cast steel wheels back and front which were fitted as standard here.

Originally it had been bought new in 1954 by the local County (Caernarvonshire) Agricultural College.  There it had been driven new by a good friend of mine Norman Williams and it was him who had helped me track it down.  One photo shows him reunited with his tractor, another at the College where students were being indoctrianted about the fine attributes and properties of MH tractors, and one ofit at work amongst the college buildings