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weber_w - (3/31/2013 9:54:50 PM)
RE:RCAF Tractors
when i restored the 82 I found the green paint all over the tractor. It was first painted green then red over the top.  the front wheels were green.

It never had the small gasoline tank for the kerosene. It never even had the bracet for it. In researching other military stuff. All RCAF equipment during ww2 used gasoline. So this 82 never was kerosene. i.e. no tank and no kerosene maifold. 

So with the type of shortages the RCAF experienced during ww2 I believed they to the 82  was purchased right of the line probably, buying it mid production. 

The green paint matched exactly the paint used on RCAF equipement and airplanes. The paint numbers came from airplane historians.

When you find a tractor with RCAF blue it usally has oxidized to a gray. If you rub it you will see the drab blue.