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MasseyH - (8/2/2013 6:56:24 PM)
Bryon Miller Invitation
This is a note from Byron Miller inviting everyone to stop by on their way home from Paisley.  Bryon has a great collection of tractors that I am sure we would all love to see.  Each summer he starts them all, gets them out of the barn and lines them up for the local commuinty to enjoy:
HI I know it is last minute. But please spread the word.
I would like to spread the word that my collection will be out on display for travelers to stop by and view on their way home from the Massey Expo. I am about 30 minutes south east from the Port Huron international crossing. I will be here Saturday afternoon and Sunday to welcome travelers.
I am about 15 minutes east I-94
and about 20 minutes south  I-69
28370  31 mile road
New Haven MI