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MasseyH - (4/8/2013 5:44:19 PM)
RE:Fred Hendricks Auction
Now Malcolm, you know I would not miss an auction like this!!!  I sat all day beside Mr. JWB and he did a nice job keeping his hand in the air.  Unfortunately for us both the champaign items did not fit in either of our beer budgets!!  I think he finally bought the Reuhl wheel disk and I bought the older repaint MH pedal trailer that would go behind an older MH pedal tractor.  I also bought a JD Collector Center tractor just because it was at the end and I bought it right.

I know your southern neighbor has some stuff in my truck ready for shipment.  I think it includes a custom 555 pedal tractor, a Teeswater RCAF 81, and some other nice custom tractors.  When we finally get him on the web site maybe he will share with us!!

I did try to buy a Patterson reproduction small frame pedal tractor but it got too rich for my blood!! Finally ended at $1500.00. 

Two other highlights would have been the pedal sized SP MH corn picker and small frame repro MH pedal tractor with a 2 row New Idea mounted picker.  They were working models set up with a battery operated drill to run the snapping rollers and elevators. Both sold for $7,000.00 each!!!  Some of the other custom pedals were bringing upwards to $3,000.00.  A custom 1/16th scale SP MH corn picker went for $3,400.00!! 

Lots of nice unique items there but there were also lots of people wanting them much worse than I (and John)!!!