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Posted: 12/30/2012 1:39:55 PM

RE:Racine MH Plant - John F Herda

Great to see these original factory photographs coming out of hiding after all these years on the Racine plant, keep them coming Gary, hope you get enough material to write a book on Racine, there must be plenty of material  and stories to surface, so keep digging.

Quite a nice piece of Racine history is a shipping box which John had bought earlier this year and sent to Minnesota, ready for me to ship in August, well Steve and I had one hell of a job trying to get this last piece of the jigsaw into the crate, we tried it all ways and could not get it to fit, we threatened to crush it and flat pack it, but it was too good to do that, we struggled and eventually after lots of cursing we got it in and it travelled the journey well.

Just look at the qaulity of the box , the graphics and even the Massey Harris tape, all part of the history of M-H in Racine.


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Posted: 12/30/2012 7:12:33 PM

RE:Racine MH Plant - John F Herda

Hi Fellows
I also noticed throttle down low like a Pa and the very different steering post and the hand brake lever like a Pa.
I have had Ch's with a drawbar like this and thought it was somebodys handywork.
I also noticed the hole for the cultivator mount is at an angle.
It would be nice to see the other side of this early ch.!!! Dennis

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