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MasseyH - (12/20/2012 5:57:24 PM)
RE:New Addition!!
John, you will have to try a little harder on your offerings!!  I already have two 30s with mechancial lifts.  I don't need another!!  Since I have never owned a 44, I always told Ony that when I purchased a 44 she would know I am done buying tractors!!!  Ask Joe what I brought home from his house!!!  Of course, that was speculating the end of the world was coming.  There are not too many tractors I need so I am probably in a situation that before one comes in, another one will have to go out!!

Anyone want to buy a 202 Workbull that is "90% restored" (according to eBay seller!!) ? How about a nice MF 65 with backhoe and loader?  Great digger!!