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jwb53 - (12/27/2012 9:25:43 PM)
RE:Shoveling Snow
It wasn't a big deal over here in Shelby County either.  Certainly far from an epic "blizzard".  We did have white-out conditions several times during the day Wednesday.  The high winds were initially out of the east and then swung around winding up out of the north.  That made life easier for me than if it had been blowing out of the west.  The news said we had 10 inches.  All I could ascertain here is we had something between 1" (where it all blew off the ground) and 3 feet (in the drifts, and mostly deposited across my barnlot where it needed to be moved...)  And, of course, the side walk which had to be shoveled by hand was about 18" all the way...   We didn't have to go anywhere yesterday, so I waited to plow out the lane until this morning when it was no longer windy.  (Sorry, everyone, my loader/blade tractor isn't a red one...)

By the way, does anyone know what happened to 2012???

Happy New Year in a few days!

- JB