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MalcolmRobinson - (1/8/2013 9:47:17 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20
This next post is about a M-H 12-20 which I heard about in the late 1980's and finally found in 1993. it was in the middle of a forrest owned by The Forrestry Commision of Great Britain and just a few miles from Holton ***** Beckering where my dad was brought up and even closer to where Graham C farmed at Primrose Hill before he took on his new life farming in Manitoba.
I was told by the farm manager the tractor was used in Bardney Forrest for pulling out trees when it was cleared previously, they thought around the 1940's, it had  been left and just got grown in and over the years parts had been robbed and taken.

For many months and visits I thought it was a wind up, fighting my way through the underrgrowth and making sure I knew my way back out of the forrest, eventually I stumbled across the tractor and I am sure looking at the lugs on the rear wheels it had not done much work.

I know during this time Graham was only focused on those big blue Ford, County' and Roadless tractors and often wondered if he knew this M-H 12-20 was sat right under his nose?????